You might be asking yourself why you’re here. No seriously, last I checked there were 75,798,245 other WordPress blogs currently in existence. Layer on to that the 77.1 billion Tumblr blog posts you could be reading right now and you really start to have second thoughts. We both know that you’ll find cuter kittens, trendier bands, and healthier recipes at any number of them.

So why one more blog? Why InsideOps?

Like many entrepreneurs, I saw a gap in what was currently available in the market and decided that I not only could, but should fill that gap. I knew that if I could create something valuable to me, others were likely to also find it valuable.

The existing patchwork of news sources that write about Operations is sparse and often focused on dry topics. Operations doesn’t have to be bland and uninspiring though. Operations doesn’t have to be bland and uninspiringI know because during my last job at Kiva Systems, I got to watch thousands of little orange robots buzz around warehouses, moving inventory to and fro. Now at MIT, I have the opportunity to read and debate fascinating challenges faced in Operations by companies from Startups to Enterprises.

Exciting Operations stories are everywhere around us, but they are nowhere in the media. Maybe it’s because Operations professionals are the antithesis to marketing and public relations. They are the behind-the-scenes folks that make sure everything is in the right place at the right time. As a result, a lack of good articles exist about the problems and innovations faced by these professionals.

InsideOps is my attempt to change this status quo. I want to highlight the exciting stories in Operations and celebrate the innovations. I want to find people who are similarly energized about Operations and cultivate discussion.

If any of this resonates with you, please join the InsideOps community. We have a newsletter, an RSS feed, and we’re on Twitter and Facebook. Of course, if you have any topics, companies, or ideas that you think would make for an awesome story, please get in touch!

Hope to see you back soon.