About Us

Any company that offers a product or a service needs to think about Operations (i.e. “Ops”).  Companies can treat Ops one of two ways: as a necessary evil or as a competitive advantage.  Regardless of a particular Company’s mentality, Ops has to happen; products need to reach customers and services need to be rendered.  So what are the successful companies choosing to do?

InsideOps was created to highlight the most exciting problems in Ops today and document how successful companies are attacking these challenges.  In pursuit of answers, we seek out the individual engineers, data scientists, and managers who actively confront Ops challenges and ask them the tough how and why questions.

To make sure that we continually deliver valuable content, we qualify topics with the following preferences in mind:

action over theory
analysis over opinion
simple over complex
ingenuity over expenditure

We’re not perfect though.  Sometimes we get excited about expensive new technologies that fail the feasibility test and choose to write about them anyway.  At the end of the day, we strive to deliver content that is both thought-provoking and applicable. Just remember, InsideOps is first and foremost a place to share ideas and learn.

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